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Our Roles
  • Manufacturing, Operations &
    • Productive Operative
    • Pickers and Packers
    • And many more
  • Engineering
    • Automation Engineer
    • Engineering Technician
    • Maintenance Engineer
    • And many more
  • Supply Chain &
    • Demand Planner
    • Production Planner
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  • Drivers
  • Commercial &
    • National Account Executive
    • National Account Manager
    • Customer Category Executive
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  • Professional
    • Finance
    • HR
    • Communications
    • IT
    • Procurement
    • Project Management
    • Tax
  • Packaging and
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    • Senior Development Technologist
    • And many more
  • Trainees
    • Eden Trainee Dairy Technologist
    • Marketing Intern
    • Packaging Development Intern
    • Research and Development Intern
    • And many more

We make the impossible possible

In 1971, Theobald Alfons Müller took over his father’s small dairy in the Bavarian town of Aretsried. That dairy had just four employees. Today, the Müller Group is an extended family of over 25,000 people, 8,500 of whom are based in the UK.

We got to where we are by thinking big and investing for the future: in our people, products and facilities. We get things done quickly and empower our people to be the best they can be.

We’ve got big plans for 2024. Help us make them happen.

  • Top 15 UK logistics
  • 120+ years of history
  • 8,500 people work for us in the UK弹壳加速器app
  • 67 distribution depots
  • 12 production sitespanda加速器官网
  • Billions of litres of milk processed
  • panda加速器安卓下载 billion sales熊猫加速器安卓官网
  • 7th biggest UK
    grocery brand
  • 25,000 employees worldwide苹果旋风加速器app下载

We believe in driving extraordinary growth

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We’re a high performing team that inspires each other with encouragement and achievement.

Join us to innovate and challenge yourself, to grow with a global business that believes in investing and developing our people. Whatever your background or skills, if you share our passion, dedication and will to win then Müller is the place for you to reach your potential.




Your success is our combined success. Winning feels good, and comes from our desire and dedication to succeed for ourselves and for the team. Winning is about belief in the goal, it’s about the desire to achieve what we are setting out to do and it’s about bouncing back when things go off track, and never giving up.


We are stronger when we think and act together. Our interests and the interest of the Müller Group are inseparable. We listen to others, respect and support our colleagues to get the job done and be clear about what’s been agreed. Our communication is constructive and open and we play our part in creating a great working environment, founded on trust and openness.


We are proud of our business, ourselves and each other. We make a point of speaking up when a colleague or team has delivered great work. Saying “thank you” comes easily and sharing our views in a positive and constructive manner inspires others to do the same. We know what’s required to achieve and inspire others and we take responsibility for our own improvement through learning.


We are tenacious and determined to do better, every day. We recognise that good ideas come from anyone, anywhere. We know that being better isn’t just about big ideas, it’s about an accumulation of small improvements which each of us can make in our area of responsibility. Our curiosity and will to win drive us to constantly ask ourselves “how can we make this better?”


We lead where others follow. We commit to the task and make things happen. To achieve this, we carry a positive attitude that says we can and we will. We add energy to every situation and show determination to achieve the task in hand. We keep our eye on the ball and see setbacks as challenges to be overcome.


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There are many different ways you can apply to join us as a driver. You can call our friendly HR team or email or post us your application. We are looking for the best drivers around. So, we hope to hear from you soon.

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Paper Application

Fill out our application form and send it along with your CV and a covering letter to: Talent Supply, Müller UK & Ireland, Shrewsbury Road, Market Drayton, Shropshire, TF9 3SQ.

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Give us a call

Talk to our friendly HR team by calling us on:

0330 123 2229

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